Ways of Learning SEO – Latest Guide – Free Resource

Want to learn about SEO? Just bump into SEO? Well, anyone can learn and can do SEO as long as you know where to begin. Learning SEO is a piece of cake if you have the right resources and tools and practicing a little bit every day is your ticket to becoming an expert. Also, new SEO generations this date are so fortunate because they have it all handed to them. Unlike the SEO pioneers, they learned it the hard way.

It can be tough and technical most especially Google is so pierced unlike before. Google constantly update it’s search algorithm and staying on top is a must. Search Algorithm is updating always and things you know 2 years ago is no longer applicable today, the only thing that matter is complying with Google guidelines.

In this post, I’ve compiled the SEO resources you can use as a SEO beginner or if you are already into SEO. If you want or willing to learn SEO grab a pen and notebook or you can bookmark this blog and start educating yourself online now! 😛

For Beginners


How I Become an SEO and How You can Learn it, Too!

How I Began?

I was previously a customer service representative working in Versomina as a full-time contract employee for more than a year but unfortunately, the company closed and their sister company StratVisions, Inc., a web design, and development company absorbed all those regular employees including me and trained us to become an SEO. At first, it was so hard for me because I don’t have a background in programming and other related computer aspects, that is why learning Search Engine Optimization for me then was so complicated. It was like my brain was about to explode everyday, fortunately, after a week, I started learning SEO and slowly I understand some of the functions and usages of SEO or it could be because my trainer was very patient and gentle. After two weeks my coached thought I was ready so, he gave me a website to do the On-Page optimization. Websites too are complicated and my coached was continuously monitoring me because he knows SEO is not MAGIC. Maybe because of my curiosity and personal interest I finished that given task and was again given another task. From then on, I got interested in web technologies and I started reading SEO articles and become an avid reader and viewer of Matt Cutts  on youtube which contributed to my SEO knowledge on some technical questions about SEO.

To become an SEO you also need to be a writer and that is my biggest problem because I am not a good writer. Writing is not my passion plus I have some grammatical lapses. I realize I am lucky because most of my clients if they ask me to write an article they normally proof read the articles. And I guess my team and I are super lucky because one of our client Forms Direct, Inc. they’re  very generous because they hired one of the best SEO trainer, Mr. Eric Ward to train us and widen our knowledge about SEO.

How Can You Do It and Learn SEO?

Way back in 2008 when I started in SEO you don’t really have to be a writer to get started with SEO but nowadays most of the clients are seeking an SEO who knows how to write. A great way to start an SEO career is learning how to become a kickass SEO.

Start with the Basic.

The best way to start is reading and watching a lot about SEO and start to apply. MOZ has a bible for SEO beginners, this is where I get started and where you can start as well. THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SEO, it will help you understand the basic SEO principles and at least you know how to do HMTL, CSS and other blogging platforms such as WordPress. If you have no idea what is HTML or CSS, you can learn at W3Schools Online Web Tutorials.

Lastly, Follow Danny Dover The Beginner’s Checklist for Learning SEO and Rand Fishkin Whiteboard Friday.